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How to find the correct Hunter Douglas Silhouette Shade Installation Mounting Bracket

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When Hunter Douglas first launched the Silhouette Shade to the marketplace in 1991 the Silhouette Shade bracket was made to hold the headrail in so well that a guerrilla couldn't get it loose.  In order to release the headrail from the bracket you had to use a flat head screw driver and push up the tab on the back of the bracket then at the same time pull the headrail forward.  An easier way to release the first generation Hunter Douglas Silhouette brackets is to roll the shade completely down and unscrew the bracket-this only works if the screws are exposed.  We were very glad to say goodbye to that bracket and say hi to our newly designed bracket that was much easier to slide the Hunter Douglas Silhouette Shade headrail when installing.  This bracket looks similar, but has a clear plastic tab extended out on a metal tab.  The clear plastic tab locks in the headrail.  Now onto the latest bracket which has a swivel locking system.  Push the headrail into the bracket and then move the clear plastic lever to the right and it locks the headrail into the bracket safely.  The newly designed bracket works with all Hunter Douglas Silhouette Shades made from 1991 to today.  This also includes the 4" Silhouette which has a slightly different headrail.