Child Safety

"Child Safe Blind Cords in Every Home and Day Care Center in America"

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission,  in past 10 years 200 infants and young children have died due to strangulation with window covering cords.  The saying "Better Safe Than Sorry" applies here.  

One of our close friends who is a stay-at-home mom went upstairs for a few minutes and when she came back downstairs her son had the dangling blind cords around his neck and was about to accidentally strangle himself.  Mom quickly grabbed the scissors and cut the blind cords to free her son. In this case, her son was a little startled.  There are potentially thousands of cases like this in the United States every year that are not reported.  This was quite a shock to our friend because this happened so fast.  The blind was in the fully up position and the cords were in the reach of her son.  In addition, the cords were not child safe and all four of the cords came into one tassel (attached to end of cord to help in pulling the cords) which creates a circle.  To make your blinds child safe you need to cut the cords just above the tassel and add one tassel for each individual string.  In addition, you should purchase cord cleats to hang the strings out of the reach of your children.  These solutions will give you greatest chance of keeping your children safe.


(pre-1995 miniblinds and pleated shades)


  1. Cut the looped pull cord above the tassel, and remove equalizer buckle (if any).
  2. Insert cord through tassel and tie cord ends to secure the tassel.