Glossary of Terms - Help

High Profile Wand Tilter - Part in faux wood or real wood blind that extends out of headrail in which the Tilt Wand attaches. 

Brackets : Attachment to wall or inside of window sill for supporting the blind.

Braid : A decorative finish to roller blinds.

Chain Raise Control: A control for raising and lowering blinds that is made from metal.

Corn Connector:  Plastic part that attaches 2 string that come together.  Usually from several strings that connect and then it is only one string from the connector to end tassel.

Cord Tassel:  Plastic decorative piece at end of strings on blinds and shades.  Helps get leverage when pulling blinds up and down.

Bottom Rail Cord Buttons:  Located on the bottom of the bottom rail of a blind or shade to help keep the string from slipping out of bottom rail.

Child Safe Cords:  Blind has special connector that splits open when a child applies more than 5 pounds of pressure.  This will prevent strangulation.

Headrail : The headrail is at the top of the blind and contains the raise controls. It is the main support of the blind.

Inside Recess . When the blind is located inside the recess of a window. In this case the blind is specified by the size of the recess, as opposed to being specifed by the width and drop of the blind.

Ladder Tape: In wooden venetian blinds, a cloth tape that covers the ladder cord of the blind. Purely cosmetic part of the blind.

Wand Tilts:  Mechanism that is located inside the headrail of a wood or faux wood blind which has a stem that sticks out of the headrail in which the wand attaches so you can turn and tilt the blind slats back and forth for privacy and light control.

Outside Recess : As opposed to Inside recess. When the blind is supplied with exactly the width and drop sizes specified. Also referred to as To Size.

Vertical Blind Vane Savers:  Small metal piece that attaches at top of vertical blind slat which acts like a hole so you don't have to buy a new vertical vane.

Pole : A decorative finish for roller blinds with a turret finish.

Continuous Cord Control : Braided circular cord that stays the same length regardless of the shade position.  Unlike a standard cord lock system in which the cord length depends on what position you have set the shade or blind.

Sash : In window terms the frame of the window.

Sidewinder : A chain raise control that operates on one side of the blind.

Slat : In venetian or wood venetian blinds slats make up the blind and are connected together with ladder cord.

Tilt Control : Venetian blind slats are rotated with a tilt control.

Tilt and Turn Window : A window that opens outwards on a side hinge and tilts out on a bottom hinge

Valance : In wood blinds, a decorative finish piece of timber that covers the headrail of